Omar Almazrooei

Hello everyone 

if you looked around you, you will notice that you can learn English on the go


wherever you are, and wherever you go

you are being exposed to English

and you could pick up something new from here and there

almost everyday

let's have a look

Cars names


infinity = لا نهاية

avalanche = انهيار ثلجي

explorer = المستكشف

Retails signs

if you looked at the bottom of the sign

you might see

L.L.C = ذ.م.م

Limited Liability Company = شركة ذو ملكية محدودة

At the mosque

if you looked at the tissue box

you will see

facial tissues = محارم وجهية


soft perfumed tissues = محارم معطرة وناعمة

Stores products

like a water bottle

pure natural spring water = مياه نبع نقية طبيعية

in your room

electronic products that you have

produced in Thailand = انتج في تايلاند

on your toothpaste

anti-cavity = مضاد للتسوس

from your mouthwash

delivers noticeable fresh breath = يعطي نفس منعش وملحوظ


So keep an eye on English terms around you

and let us know what you have come across

preferably something new to you


if you want to add more fun to the game

you could put these new words in sentences from your own thought


لا تنسوا الإشتراك في المدونة

ومتابعتي على تويتر

وعمل لايك وإرسال الموضوع على تويتر

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