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الجمعة، 5 يوليو 2013

كتاب Who Moved My Cheese? بالعربي والإنجليزي مع مقطع يوتيوب

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There are 4 characters in this book

2 mice


2 little men

Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to have in life

There is 1 main character from my point of view. The one who managed to cope with the changes

and every time he learns something new

he writes it on the wall

I see him as the main character, because he is the one who most people will relate to

his name is Haw

The book talks about overcoming the change resistance

I had been through 2 occasions where I had to change something:

- changing my university and major

- changing my position in my job

Starting with the university part

I was told by my sponsors that I could change university and major as well if I was struggling with my current one


I resisted the change

because I was afraid of change

I didn't know what I would expect in a new university or a new major or a new city

or a whole new surrounding

The problem was

I never thought beyond the university


I didn't try to have a vision about where I would be after university

I didn't have an ultimate goal to reach for, or to die for

There was no motivation

no motivation at all

I didn't try to change

or even ask about the new university

And what made matter worse was

I was living comfortably

I didn't want to let go of my current situation

I was in a very comfortable zone

So I stayed at the same major

even though I wasn't progressing

and after less than 2 years

I decided to quit the university

I was given a small job with not so good pay

and the work was very routine

I did almost the same thing everyday 

and eventually I got used to

so I was kinda back again into a new comfort zone

but that day came

when I was nominated for a job change

where I would get a promotion within 1 or 2 years

after certain training courses


Changing my job meant

I was going to move in a new direction

deal with new people, and take new challenges

I decided to give it a TRY

First week was the hardest on me


what differed this time from my schooling time

was I had an image in my mind on where this would lead to eventually

so I had to adapt quickly to the new situation

and now

I am in a much better position than before

Thanks to Allah, and thanks to the decision I made to change

it opened new opportunities for me in the long run that I couldn't see at that time

and like they said in the story

there was New Cheese out there just waiting to be found

My question

How do you relate yourself to the story?

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